Return and Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy
Note: Only for orders purchased on our website (, we can provide you with perfect after-sales service. For purchases on other platforms such as Amazon, AliExpress, etc., please contact the ordering platform for help.
1. Within 7 days, we will only refund or replace the item if we determine that the scooter is faulty due to a defect in material/workmanship (from the date of delivery). In this case, there is no shipping charge for returns or exchanges.

2. More than 7 days, but within 12 months, if customers have product quality problems, we are responsible for troubleshooting, and provide free maintenance services or send replacement parts to solve the problem. The customer does not need to bear the return shipping cost, but does need to bear the shipping cost sent to you after the return is repaired (the customer will only be charged the shipping cost once). Please contact us for a return address and additional instructions before returning a defective item.

3. Warranty period for special consumable parts:
6 months battery warranty
Motor warranty for 6 months
Controller 6 months warranty
Charger 3 months warranty
Monitor 3 months warranty

.Warranty is void and all rights are lost in the following cases:

●Products modified or repaired by unauthorized technicians or/and using faulty, modified or non-original equipment/accessories.
●Accident or damage to the product due to external factors, atmospheric conditions or any other such event.
●The malfunction is caused by dirt, impurities, water, foreign matter, etc., if applicable.
●This product is used in the rain and/or driven in a body of water with a depth greater than 4 cm.
Product or part identification series/codes/marks etc. are removed/illegible, marked or embossed, spare parts or original parts manufactured for various purposes dented, mechanical shock, thermal or other breaks, cracks etc. not attributable to them .
●Changes in the original state of the product due to natural influences (corrosion, condensation, etc.) due to improper storage conditions.
●This product is not used in accordance with the conditions of the user manual. The failure of the product is caused by vandalism or the like.
●The warranty period has expired.

If you have any questions or concerns about warranty information, please email